Friday, February 6, 2009

Tracking Arjun with Google Maps

NOTE: this post is work in progress.

As we distributed our Missing Dog notices, we interviewed hundreds of people and we found that a Arjun had been spotted by several people (who were not aware at the time that he was lost).

Here is a map of confirmed sightings of Arjun around Taman Megah, Taman Mayang & SS2 (near the Taman Bahagia LRT station).

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Sunday, January 25, 2009


ARJUN is a 10 year old male, medium-sized (20kg) local breed; he is a friendly, loving, well-mannered & obedient family dog & was wearing his MBPJ license tag & an ID tag (with our home address/phone numbers/e-mail) when he went missing. Arjun is lost and is trying to find his way back home to SS1 Petaling Jaya. Please help us locate Arjun - there is a definite reward for his safe return.

Here is a video and some photos of Arjun.

He has been spotted in Taman Mayang & Taman Megah over the past few weeks, and has even walked up to and into people's houses looking for help. Unfortunately, we have learnt that some residents have abused and chased him away from their houses without checking his ID tag. How often does a dog arrive at your doorstep looking for help? Once in a lifetime maybe (if ever)? So, please be kind and compassionate to all animals (or people) in need of help because every good deed will someday be repaid.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Arjun in Taman Megah & Taman Mayang

On Tuesday, January 20 afternoon, we received a call from a lady who was 100% certain that she and her daughter had seen Arjun in Taman Megah running from the new market building (presently under construction) on Jalan 24/9 towards the Taman Megah residential area (Jalan SS24/10). The lady was a resident from Jalan SS1/32 where we had distributed Missing Dog flyers a few days ago.

Unfortunately, the caller didn't keep the flyer in her car and she had to drive home to contact us. We appeal to everyone (since day 1): please keep the missing dog notice in your car & not at home. Also, please note that our address & phone numbers are engraved on Arjun's silver identification tag which he is still wearing (see below) and when you spot the dog, just look at his tag for our contact details.

Anyhow, we responded to that call by immediately rushing to Taman Megah and began an extensive search of the area & distributed flyers as we interviewed residents and people around the area. A group of students who gather at the playground on Jalan 24/4 every afternoon, stated they had seen Arjun the day before, recalling the 2 tags making a clinking sound as he walked. They assumed that he was a dog living in the neighbourhood and ignored him.

On Jalan 26/7 in Taman Mayang, we learned that Arjun walked into a couple of houses looking for help but unfortunately, again the homeowners/families chased him out without checking his identification tag nor providing food/water for a poor dog who was in distress.

As we talk to more residents, we continue to get more reported sightings of Arjun in Taman Mayang, where we have concentrated our efforts to locate him by distributing as many flyers as possible and talking with as many people as possible.

Please help spread the word around to your family & friends that if they see an animal or person in need of help, to please have some compassion and assist as much as possible. Because what goes around, eventually comes around.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sightings of Arjun

We have had to rely on the kindness of people around us to help us find Arjun and through word of mouth there have been some interesting developments and progress in our search for Arjun.

A very nice, helpful friend (& fellow dog/animal lover) who tutors students in SS1, Kampung Tunku called her students and learned that a dog had recently walked into the house of an ex-student. She promptly contacted us on Friday (January 16, 2008) and we investigated it immediately.

We can now confirm that Arjun was in Jalan SS1/32 Petaling Jaya on Tuesday, January 13, 2008 between 11am & 1pm.

Arjun walked into the garden of a corner house (on Jalan SS1/32) but the homeowner chased him away. Arjun later re-entered the house (a 2nd time) through a hole in their chain link fence but was once again chased away. After speaking with the homeowner (& his family) and showing them some video footage we had of Arjun, all of them confirmed that was indeed our dog Arjun which had walked into their compound.

So, we immediately distributed flyers in and around the area. We also interviewed residents in that area, a few of whom had also sighted Arjun in the neighbourhood that week.

Over the weekend, as we covered Jalan SS2/3 (the SEA Park Secondary School road) and spoke with yet more residents, we learned from a lady that Arjun had walked into her compound and had jumped onto her car (peering through the window) as she was leaving the driveway, at 1am in the morning. She shooed him away and drove off.

We know Arjun well, and he absolutely loves car rides & always jumps onto our own cars in the same manner. We showed the lady some video of Arjun and she confirmed that it was him. The lady could not remember which night it was, except that it was "5 days ago" which would make it approximately Tuesday, January 13 as well.

In both instances, Arjun was looking for help from people but sadly he was chased away. My worry has always been that people would see his red MBPJ license and ignore him, (wrongly) believing that he belongs to someone who lived in the neighbourhood very closeby.

Jalan SS1/32 and Jalan SS2/3 is around 1km to 2km away from Jalan SS1/11 (where we live), and he is lost but clearly trying to find his way back home. We are worried that he may be going further away. Arjun has been away from home for 1 month 8 days (since December 10, 2008).

Here's some video of Arjun playing with his chew toy last year.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Creamie found! but the search for Arjun continues...

We haven't updated this blog lately as we've been distributing physical flyers/posters/notices about our missing dogs to as many people, businesses, homes etc. as we possibly could, around Kampung Tunku (SS1), Kelana Jaya (SS3, SS4, SS5) and Taman Paramount, SEA Park, SS2.

We also prayed all throughout for the safety and return of our loyal canine companions.

Well, today it paid off! We received a phone call this afternoon from a wonderful family living in Damansara Jaya (near KDU), who informed us that they had been sheltering Creamie since Sunday, December 14th, 2008. We dropped everything and immediately drove over to their house to be pleasantly surprised, relieved and reunited with our dog Creamie! :)

The kind family noticed our poster outside a nursery & landscape business in SS1 & SEA Park and promptly contacted us. They took great care of Creamie and she had even put on weight since the last time we saw her! :) We really wanted to reward them but they declined our reward! Nevertheless, we are going to present them with a happy surprise during CNY.

As for Creamie, during those 4 days since December 10th, she had crossed over the LDP highway and trotted >4km away from SS1 to SS23 Damansara Jaya! She eventually made her way to the doorstep of this kind family who took care of her.

As for Arjun, we're wondering at which point they could have split up. We're searching the Damansara Jaya area as well as Taman Megah, Taman Bahagia, SEA Park & SS2 areas for Arjun. This is where we need your help my friends.

To all who have called to provide leads & information regarding the whereabouts of our dogs - we would like to thank you all very, very much. We are sincerely grateful and we are responding to every single one of your calls.

If you see a dog matching Arjun's description... please, please, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time - Seriously, any time (even 3am or 4am is fine). :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Photos of Arjun & Creamie

Photos of Arjun

Arjun bathing

Photos of Creamie

Creamie & Arjun

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Arjun & Creamie went missing and were last seen together on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2008 @ 2PM around JALAN SS1/11, 47300 PETALING JAYA (nearby SRK Kampung Tunku primary school, 7-Eleven convenience store & Post Office). It's likely that someone might have seen them running in the rain/thunderstorm last Wednesday (the day before the public holiday/Sultan's birthday) & may be sheltering them.

ARJUN is a 10 year old male, medium-sized (20kg) local breed; he is a friendly, loving, well-mannered & obedient family dog & was wearing his MBPJ license tag & an ID tag (with our home address/phone numbers/e-mail) when he went missing.

CREAMIE is a 4 year old female, medium-sized (20kg) mixed breed dog; she is very playful, energetic & friendly (doesn't bite). Creamie is also MBPJ licensed, but she is not wearing her MBPJ license tag (found outside my house) when she went missing.

We allow them to sit inside the house, by the front door & if you opened a car door, they would jump in (these dogs are not shy & enjoys car rides).

We haven't given up the search & we're hoping that someone might have seen them around SS1, Petaling Jaya or the surrounding areas (SS3, Kelana Jaya, Sungei Way, Jalan 222, Taman Aman, Taman Paramount, SS2 etc.).